Titan Game
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Upgrade to pro version
1. How to upgrade to pro version?
2. Lost pro version, what do I do now?
3. How to upgrade to pro version? (Rainbow jigsaw, countryside jigsw, etc)
1. Pause
2. How to set landscape mode?
3. Screen moves around when trying move one piece.
4. Missing pieces?
5. How to rearrange the pieces?
6. Set default method to arrange pieces.
7. How to clear all the pieces from the frame?
8. How to change different ways to solve puzzles?
9. Show the edge pieces?
10. How to change backgrounds?
11. How to change shapes?
11. How to change piece count?
13. How to zoom in or zoom out?
14. Choose the puzzle in the category.
15. Choose board size.
16. Separate the edges from the interiors.
Music and sound
1. Turn on or off music.
2. Use own musics.
Own photos
1. Use own photos.
2. Is it possible to remove own photos?
Manage image sets
1. Is it possible to remove image set?
2. How to download free image sets?
1. Share the completed puzzles to others.

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